10 simple tips for dressing chic and cool for a woman

 What woman would not like to be cool, classy, and elegant in such a way as to capture all the attention? Certainly not you! Unfortunately, having style is not always easy.

Unlike other natural gifts, having style is not innate. Style, elegance, and class are learned to become the most accomplished version of yourself.

Between work, family, and business, a woman's life is often busy (not to say overloaded). It never gives you enough time to prioritize your style.

Now is the time to take matters into your own hands because getting dressed will never be a difficult task again. In this article, we reveal 10 simple tips for women to dress chic and cool.

Tip number 1: opt for simplicity in general

When you want to dress cool and chic, the first thing to do is to change your perception of elegance. It's not just about trends or fashion. Start by telling yourself that elegance is first and foremost a matter of simplicity.

Remember those elegant women you see in pictures in magazines or on TV. They generally dress simply. Rarely will you see them with mismatched outfits or awkwardly patterned clothing. The tones are in harmony with their skin, and the colors are intended to be neutral. The dresses they wear are simple but very elegant.

Tip number 2: dare to use timeless pieces

Among the items typically found in women's wardrobes, there are some that easily stand the test of time. Regardless of the era they come from, they retain timeless elegance and charm. Despite changing trends and fashions, they maintain their originally elegant cut. Among these, let us mention in particular:

- Pencil skirts

- Pearl necklaces

- Diamond earrings

- Little black dresses, etc.

Getting one or more of these items is a great option if you want to dress chic and cool. Just like two or three decades ago, these items still work today to take care of your style and your appearance.

Tip number 3: do not become a slave to fashion

Dressing chic and cool is not about logos, let alone brands. Think again! Many women often get used to the idea that dressing chic and cool means wearing designer clothes all the time. They believe that the more expensive the garment, the more elegant it looks. Big mistake! Fashion, as Yves Saint-Laurent said, always goes out of style.

Dressing chic and cool is within the reach of all women. By working on your style, taking care of your posture, paying attention to small details, trusting yourself, and following some rules, you can achieve the desired result.

Tip number 4: only wear what suits you

Adopting an elegant and classy style means knowing how to choose your clothes. They must suit you and be well-tailored. A neat outfit means a fitted and well-cut outfit. It is essential to know which clothing cut will be most flattering for your figure, whether it's skirts, dresses, or jeans.

The cuts must be adapted to your body shape, and the colors must complement your skin tone. To maintain an impeccable style, always ensure that your clothes are neither too tight nor too loose. For example, make sure that:

- Stockings follow the curves of your buttocks and legs.

- Tops fall perfectly on your shoulders while flattering the shape of your bust.

Tip number 5: Always choose quality

Don't be a slave to fashion or trends. Instead, always opt for quality when it comes to clothing. Dressing chic and cool does not necessarily mean investing in a multitude of sometimes unsuitable or low-end pieces.

On the contrary, it's better to curate a minimalist wardrobe with good quality basic accessories. For basic clothing, consider denim dresses, cigarette or carrot pants, straight skirts, flat shoes, etc. To add a touch of authenticity, opt for prints, such as on your blouses or scarves...

Tip number 6: Add color to your style

How can you think of elegance in style without considering colors? To adopt an impeccable dress style on a daily basis, it's important to know how to match colors. Elegance is primarily about harmony, sobriety, and balance. While avoiding excesses, the colors should be carefully chosen. When composing your outfits, remember to never exceed three different colors.

You can harmoniously combine two basic shades (navy blue, black, beige, white, etc.) with a stronger color. Alternatively, take the time to incorporate multiple tones of a strong shade. Also, consider the color of your makeup and jewelry. It should be able to enhance your outfit.

Tip number 7: Never neglect the role of accessories

This is a detail that should not be overlooked. Whenever possible, accessorize your outfit. Whether it's a pair of unique glasses, a printed scarf, or a pretty scarf on the handle of your handbag, well-chosen and well-balanced accessories are sure to make a statement. You don't need a designer handbag to complete a beautiful outfit!

It's up to you to choose the image you want to portray. Add character to your outfits with:

- Shoes, whether flat or with heels, in gold or silver depending on the season.

- Jewelry that adds strength and character to your tops (plastron necklace, hoop earrings, golden rings, etc.).

- Hats that complement your head shape.

- Bags that suit the seasons while taking care of the items you carry in them.

Tip number 8: Always consider different factors

When aiming for a permanently elegant style, considering external factors is crucial. Take your age into account. Fashion that suits a 20-year-old girl (e.g., jeans shorts, a fun bag, glasses) might not necessarily suit you when you're 45 years old.

Pay attention to the seasons. For a cool and chic summer look, it's better to opt for fluidity, light colors, and natural materials. Circumstances should also guide your choices. An outfit suitable for a glamorous evening might not be appropriate for a professional meeting.

Tip number 9: Always pay attention to your body shape

The waist is one of the most feminine parts of your body. Highlight it according to your silhouette. Let your body shape guide your choices if you want to be elegant.

Choose accessories accordingly. If you're short in stature, a wide belt will look good on your dresses. If you're of average height, consider transforming a scarf into a belt, for example, when wearing jeans. It will enhance your style.

Tip number 10: Adopt some original trendy attitudes

Being chic and elegant is also about showcasing originality in your overall posture. Step out of your comfort zone and dare to incorporate gestures and tricks that make your entire outfit stand out. For example, roll up the sleeves or bottoms of your shirts to feminize your style. By doing this, you make your ankles or wrists, as well as the jewelry adorning them, visible.

From time to time, if it suits you, consider leaving your shoes clearly visible. Stop hiding them under your pants

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