The return of Meduse shoes: our advice for adopting them


Embrace the resurgence of Méduse shoes with our expert advice on how to adopt them seamlessly into your style. Fashion is an ever-evolving realm, and the return of these childhood beach sandals has taken the style world by storm, offering a wide array of options for the fashion-savvy.

1. Which Méduse model to choose?

   You have a plethora of choices, from the traditional flat PVC jellyfish in a myriad of colors to the more daring and trendy versions offered by designers like Gucci, Miu Miu, Loewe, and Moschino. Select the model that resonates with your style preferences.

   - The Plastic Original: Opt for girly colors like powder pink, glitter, or metallic shades for a highly fashionable look. Pair them effortlessly with bleached and cropped jeans, high-waisted shorts, long dresses, or even a plain linen trouser suit for a sharp look.

   - The City Version in Leather: For a more refined city look, go for leather Méduse-style sandals in black or brown, featuring a thicker sole and matte leather. Patent or colored leather adds a tangy touch to classic outfits based on jeans and a white blouse.

   - The Daring Medusa with a Heel: Explore the trendiest option this season by choosing the Medusa with a heel. Embrace quirky and colorful models for a bold statement or opt for a simple black Jellyfish to tone it down. Style them playfully with frayed jeans, high-waisted shorts, or a T-shirt dress, but avoid pairing them with very formal clothing like a sheath dress or palazzo pants.

2. Medusa + Socks: The High-Fashion Combo to Adopt

   This fall, elevate your style with the flat or low-heel Jellyfish + socks combo. For a successful look:

   - Pair little childish white socks with scalloped or lace edging with colorful Méduse and jeans or simple shorts.

   - Choose high fancy socks in black with sequins or transparent with flowers to wear with black, white, or transparent Jellyfish and a fairly understated outfit.

3. How to Avoid Fashion Faux-Pas?

   While Méduse sandals offer great style, they might not be the most versatile shoes. To ensure a fashionably safe choice:

   - Ask yourself if you could swap your plastic sandals for casual sneakers without feeling offbeat. If the look works well with sneakers, you are on the right track.

   - Black or brown leather models are generally easier to wear, followed by flat plastic Méduse and then models with a heel.

4. Under What Circumstances Should Medusa Shoes Be Avoided?

   Despite their trendiness, there are certain situations where Méduse sandals should be avoided:

   - Avoid wearing them in the office or formal settings, as their casual nature might not be suitable.

   - Reserve them for more relaxed occasions, and steer clear of events like weddings or baptisms, where a more sophisticated shoe choice is recommended.

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