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The Bridgerton Style Dress: A Fashion Trend Inspired by Netflix's Unmissable Hit

One of Netflix's undeniable successes, "The Chronicle of the Bridgertons," a romantic series set in the English Regency era (around the 1800s), has sparked a captivating trend known as the Regency Core, particularly the Bridgerton style dress.

With its pastel colors, luxurious fabrics, floral patterns, and charming frills, the Bridgerton style dress has become an absolute favorite among fashion enthusiasts. Let's delve into its key elements.

The Distinctive Cut of the Bridgerton Dress

At the heart of the Bridgerton style dress is its unmistakable cut: the empire cut. This design cinches under the chest and gracefully flares out, flowing down to the ankles. The empire cut's timelessness and elegance make it perpetually fashionable, complementing various body shapes.

Choosing the Right Neckline

When opting for the Bridgerton style dress, pay attention to the neckline that suits your bust size:

1. For a generous bust, a not-too-deep V-neckline or a wrap-around version is preferable, deviating slightly from the traditional empire cut.

2. A square neckline perfectly accentuates a smaller bust, giving a distinctive "Bridgerton" touch.

3. If your bust size is medium, you have more flexibility with various necklines like square, sweetheart, V, or round, each adding a unique charm.

Length Matters

While characters in the series favor long empire dresses, it's essential to consider practicality in real life. Overly long empire dresses might appear costume-like. Strike a balance by incorporating regency core elements thoughtfully. Avoid overdoing it with balloon sleeves, bonnets, or headbands when wearing a long dress.

Materials to Embrace

The choice of materials significantly impacts the Bridgerton style dress. You can go for either a light and flowing empire dress made of materials like poplin, tulle, or chiffon, reminiscent of the first season's style.

Alternatively, in line with the second season's looks, thicker fabrics like velvet panne and taffeta exude a more opulent and formal "rich living room" ambiance.

Embracing the Daphne Colors

Color selection plays a pivotal role in adopting the Regency Core look:

1. Soft pastel shades such as light blue, pale pink, almond green, and pastel yellow work beautifully with light and fluid empire dresses.

2. Rich, deep shades like parma, emerald green, and violet are better suited for thicker and shinier materials such as velvet.

Embracing the Regency Patterns

To truly embody the Bridgerton style, embrace the patterns and embellishments inspired by the early 19th-century English nobles:

1. Lace inserts, embroidery, beads, and girly frills add charm, but be mindful not to go overboard.

2. Floral prints remain a must-have, especially on a beautiful empire dress with a square neckline and balloon sleeves for those hot summer days.

Avoiding Disguised Looks

To avoid looking overly theatrical, strike a balance when incorporating characteristic elements of the Bridgerton style dress:

1. For a long empire dress with balloon sleeves, consider skipping floral motifs and excessive embroidery.

2. If you choose a short empire dress with a square neckline, feel free to add an embroidered chiffon lining for a touch of sophistication.

Modern Pairing Ideas

To contemporize your Bridgerton-style dress, consider pairing it with modern pieces such as sneakers, a denim jacket, or a trench coat, creating a delightful fusion of old-world elegance and contemporary flair.

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