Refrain from these 10 fashion faux pas at all costs

 Refrain from these 10 fashion faux pas at all costs, regardless of the changing seasons. Certain style blunders remain constant, so follow our advice to ensure you never commit these irreparable mistakes.

1. Avoid flesh-colored tights: Nude tights have an aging effect with their unflattering sheen and leg-thickening appearance, making them a definite no-go. The only exception is for very formal occasions, such as meeting the Queen of England.

2. Say no to sheer leggings: Transparent leggings, especially low-quality ones, revealing your skin and underwear, are a fashion disaster. Always check their opacity against a strong light source before purchasing.

3. Don't forget to unstitch the slit of your blazer or coat: Blazers and coats often come with a sewn slit at the back for practical reasons during transport. Remember to remove the stitching before wearing to maintain a polished look.

4. Avoid being overdressed or underdressed for the occasion: Drawing attention for being either too dressed up or too casual is a terrible fashion faux pas. Observe others' outfits and assess the situation to dress appropriately.

5. Keep your underwear discreet: While a glimpse of a chic bralette or bodysuit can be stylish, unintentionally revealing your undergarments is a major fashion blunder. Always double-check in good lighting before leaving.

6. Steer clear of the "too much" outfit: Overloading your look with excessive colors, prints, or styles can ruin the elegance and chicness. Stick to one statement piece per outfit to maintain a balanced look.

7. Be cautious with mix & match: Mixing patterns can be trendy but challenging. If you attempt it, find a common element, such as a color, pattern, or style, to create a harmonious combination.

8. Say no to chipped nail polish: Neglected nail polish with chips gives an unkempt appearance. Maintain your manicure or consider a clean, polish-free look.

9. Avoid clothes that are too tight: Overly tight clothes can make you look awkward and uncomfortable. Always opt for the right size to ensure a flattering fit.

10. Don't match your makeup to your outfit: While considering your outfit when applying makeup is a good idea, avoid directly matching colors between your makeup and clothes. Opt for complementary shades for a balanced and stylish look.

By avoiding these fashion faux pas and following some simple tips, you can confidently rock any outfit and showcase your impeccable style sense.

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