How to style a denim skirt at 60 like Cristina Cordula? What are the best shoe options for an elegant and modern look?

In the fashion realm of 2023, denim has become a must-have trend. To stay in vogue this spring-summer, consider incorporating a denim skirt into your wardrobe for a feminine touch. Wondering how to wear a denim skirt at 60? Our stylists and image consultants are here to offer outfit ideas, along with helpful combinations and body shape tips. Additionally, we will guide you on choosing the right shoes to complement this ultra-trendy piece.

The epitome of class: Pairing a white shirt with a denim skirt

Ready to discover how to rock a denim skirt at 60? Let's dive into the instructions. The great thing about denim skirts is their versatility, allowing you to fulfill your stylistic desires. Leave behind torn or distressed styles once you're over fifty, and aim to maintain a classy appearance, ladies. Now, let's share our stylists' advice on finding the right length and considering body shape. It's crucial to select a model that suits your body structure as it changes during menopause. Regardless of your body shape, we recommend opting for a high-waisted skirt. This choice will sculpt your silhouette, accentuate your waist, and conceal the belly. If you have an H-shaped body, favor slightly flared models with a high waist, allowing you to highlight it with a belt and create a feminine look. For those with an A-shaped body, the trapeze skirt will beautifully enhance your figure.

Accessories for a polished look

Now, let's address the question of skirt length. Should you go for midi, mini, or maxi? Naturally, the mini-skirt is best left behind, unless you have stunning legs or plan to wear it as a beach outfit. If you desire a slightly sexy touch, opt for a split midi model. While the maxi denim skirt is an excellent choice, it may not be practical during the hottest days. Ultimately, the length of your skirt should be based on your height. If you're petite, a knee-length skirt will suit you better.

Choosing the perfect top to pair with a denim skirt

For petite women, consider wearing a top with a V-neckline to visually elongate the silhouette. In terms of material, you can play with textures to add dimension. Tops with slightly puffy sleeves are ideal for an elegant and rejuvenating look, a piece of advice inspired by Cristina Cordula. Embroidered or brightly colored tops work wonders for brightening up your complexion this summer.

Embrace a casual chic style with a denim skirt

If you want a refined everyday look, our fashion experts suggest embracing the casual chic style with a denim skirt. For slightly chilly evenings, layer your denim skirt with a stylish blazer jacket. Opt for a V-neck t-shirt or a blouse to add even more sophistication.

A belt is a must-have accessory to enhance your denim skirt outfit. Another timeless combination is pairing a denim skirt with a beautiful white blouse. And why not try an all-white ensemble? Our stylists consider it the epitome of elegance.

Create a flawless outfit with a denim skirt by composing a total white look. As we mentioned earlier, the total denim look is on-trend, so pairing a denim shirt with a skirt will give you a modern and youthful appearance. Front-buttoned denim skirt models are particularly trendy, providing that extra detail and chic attitude you desire.

Elevate your outfit with a blazer for utmost elegance

What shoes should you wear with a denim skirt?

When it comes to shoes, there aren't many strict rules; the goal is to maintain a visually harmonious silhouette. Sneakers are a modern alternative that can bring a contemporary touch

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