Skirts for all tastes

 By wearing a skirt that falls to the knee, you will certainly not go wrong. Women taller than 5-foot-4 can also wear it below the knee, while smaller ones can opt for slightly shorter styles. Another tip: the straight skirt is ideal for rounder women, while the flared skirt is perfect for elongated silhouettes. If you like to wear an ankle-length skirt, enhance your look with boots. Remember that shoes should be avoided with a long skirt!

Dare to add color.

At any age, it is possible to wear bright colors. This year, the trend is purple and all shades of purple. If you like this color, don't hesitate! Cherry red, mint green, and royal blue will also give you a bit of sparkle. Warning: if you have a pale complexion, avoid beige, ivory, and gray. And don't forget to choose the color of your clothes according to your hair color. If they are "salt and pepper," forget about brown, orange, and off-white.

The right pants.

You need black pants; it's a must! And don't forget to choose the right size. Pants that are too tight or too big can ruin your look! A trick to choose the right cut is to balance your silhouette. Women with small shoulders will opt for pants with narrower legs, while those with stronger shoulders should steer their choices towards flared pants. Do you hesitate to wear jeans? There is no reason to deprive yourself of them, no matter your age. The watchword: choose a good fit and go for a darker shade. Opt for jeans with 1% or 2% lycra to prevent unwanted shapes (such as knee pockets) from forming over time.

Dresses, sweaters, accessories, and... warnings!

Use fashion accessories.

Long or short, the trend is fashionable necklaces. Use them on all occasions if they are in harmony with your size. Very long necklaces or necklaces with large links on a strong chest should be avoided. You also have to know how to balance it, for example, by avoiding wearing long earrings with an imposing necklace.

Dresses look great!

No more large prints or empire waist dresses once you turn 50! A must-have is the black dress, a timeless piece that will never go out of style. At any age, classic and slightly sexy can be worn. And do not hesitate to update your favorite dress by adding a scarf in another color or tying a scarf on the shoulder. Add an old brooch, the one that you will surely find at the bottom of your jewelry box. This is the new trend!

These sweaters are amazing!

The turtleneck or shawl collar are good alternatives for women over 50. If you like a fitted sweater, choose a fairly thick knit instead of a stretchy fabric. Also, have a tank top (in solid or striped tones) and a white shirt, two essential items in your wardrobe!


You have to think about it! From a certain age, avoid pronounced necklines. A round neckline is more suitable for small breasts, while women with large breasts should prefer V-necklines (rather than square ones) and avoid high necklines. Another tip: buy the right underwear to enhance your curves under the cut of your bra!

The jacket is not always austere!

Whether in a contrasting color or the same color as your outfit, the jacket is often the final touch that makes all the difference! You can even afford a little craziness. It adds a touch of originality through the choice of fabric, texture, or color. The important thing is the cut! When buttoned, it should fit well and not pull in all directions. Wearing it over a dress

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