Tips from a professional to avoid unnecessary shopping

Tips from a professional to avoid unnecessary shopping

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Tanja Erskine-Stöcklin, a sustainable fashion designer and personal shopper specializing in sustainable fashion, offers valuable advice for avoiding impulsive purchases. For those who enjoy aimlessly wandering through shops and often come home with bags full of items they later realize are unnecessary, Tanja has a method to combat this habit. "I create a moodboard of looks that align with my personal style to quickly identify common elements and the missing pieces," she suggests.

Furthermore, Tanja recommends building a capsule wardrobe, which essentially consists of a minimalist collection of essential and favorite pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. However, she advises keeping the wardrobe limited to no more than forty items, including shoes.

When it comes to deciding what to include in your capsule wardrobe, Tanja suggests selecting your favorite clothing items and using them as a foundation. "Your favorite clothes reflect your style and can serve as a starting point. While there are no strict rules for wardrobe essentials, having good jeans, a quality turtleneck, and sneakers is always a reliable choice."

If you wish to incorporate trendy pieces into your capsule wardrobe, Tanja recommends exploring sustainable second-hand options. This way, if your preferences change, you haven't contributed to the production of a new garment specifically made for you.

Tanja Erskine-Stöcklin also provides shopping tips. She advises wearing an outfit that you regularly wear when shopping to instantly assess whether a potential purchase can be easily combined with your existing items. Another tip is to wear tights or bring them along when shopping for dresses, as wearing a dress over pants rarely looks good.

According to Tanja, facial expressions can reveal whether a particular item is truly a standout piece. "I enjoy observing my clients' reactions because when they genuinely like something, it is immediately apparent in their expression and attitude," explains Tanja Erskine-Stöcklin. That's why she suggests shopping together, as it can be more enjoyable and helpful to have a companion.

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