Discover the top 5 chic and trendy models of flat sandals for the upcoming beautiful days:

1. **Mule-style flat sandals:** Offering a perfect blend of elegance and comfort, flat mules are a must-try this season. Whether adorned with a buckle or jewel, opt for wide leather straps that can effortlessly complement your outfit, be it denim shorts and a white T-shirt or a flowing dress, linen overalls, or a trouser suit.

2. **Eternal Spartans:** Timeless and versatile, Spartan sandals are back this summer, ready to accompany you from the beach to the city. Choose classic brown, black, or colored leather models for chic everyday outfits, or go for the high Spartans that extend up to the knees for a touch of sexiness. Pair them with mini dresses for a daring look or maxi dresses/skirts with side slits for added allure.

3. **Cork-soled flat sandals:** Enjoy the comfort of flat sandals with cork soles, known as "anatomical sandals." Despite their enduring popularity from past seasons, they remain a favorite for those seeking pain-free walking experiences. Embrace their effortless chic vibe by styling them with wide jeans, flowing jumpsuits, or maxi dresses.

4. **Dad sandals:** Surprisingly gaining prominence among flat sandals are the "dad sandals" or "sandales de papa." These casual sandals with thick soles and velcro closures come in a myriad of colors and materials, offering sharper looks. Opt for trendy bandana prints or fully metallic versions to inject some fun into your outfit. Pair them with elegant ensembles such as loose trouser suits, straight jeans, long/mid-length T-shirt dresses, or linen trouser suits.

5. **Fisherman sandals:** Straight out of the 90s, fisherman-style sandals, like the famous Medusa, are making a stylish comeback this summer. The chic version in patent leather with a beautiful sole can elevate any summer outfit. Create a retro 70s look by pairing them with flared jeans and a floral print top, or go for a trendy and girly look by wearing them with a short dress and fancy socks. For an elegant urban style, combine them with a colorful trouser suit.

Thinking of attending a wedding in flat sandals? It's possible! Opt for dressy flat sandals to ensure a stylish appearance. Avoid simple mules and casual dad sandals. Instead, consider high-top gladiators that elevate your legs without overshadowing your outfit. Flat sandals with leather straps can also work well for wedding attire, as long as they are of good quality.

With these chic and trendy flat sandal models, your feet will be both comfortable and stylish during the warm days ahead.

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