Mastering the vintage style without missteps: 5 golden rules to follow

The vintage style, adorned with twin-sets, boleros, crochet tops, crocodile bags, embroidered cardigans, and long silk skirts, has undoubtedly become a prominent fashion trend of second-hand and retro garments. While it exudes charm, pulling off the vintage look flawlessly isn't as straightforward as it seems. There's a risk of appearing outdated when wearing actual old clothes. However, fear not! Here are five essential rules, provided by your trusty fashion advisors, to help you compose on-fleek vintage outfits.

1. Embrace your morphology even in vintage attire

Yearning to adopt an ultra-trendy retro style filled with treasures from thrift stores and online gems? An excellent idea, indeed, but ensure you choose pieces that flatter your body shape. Remember, a retro garment doesn't automatically translate to a well-fitted and beautiful outfit. Spending hours in thrift stores won't fix a poorly cut dress from the '60s. Therefore, make thoughtful purchases, especially since return policies might not be forgiving with second-hand items.

2. Mix eras to avoid the costume-like appearance

One major blunder while wearing vintage clothes is unintentionally resembling a costume or looking cheesy. Avoid this pitfall by cleverly mixing different eras. Pair '70s bell-bottom jeans with a '90s bolero for a vintage-modern fusion, all thanks to the magic of fashion. The same principle applies to accessories, like combining '80s resin earrings with a '60s-inspired gingham dress. Always incorporate at least one modern or basic piece per outfit. For instance, if you don flared jeans and a short cardigan, pair them with colored sneakers for a casual look or loafers with XXL soles for a more chic appearance.

3. Limit strong vintage pieces in each ensemble

To strike the right balance in a vintage-inspired look and avoid fashion faux pas, limit yourself to just one standout vintage piece per outfit. For example, a '60s gingham dress becomes the prominent vintage piece when paired with '80s earrings, which are less distinctive since they've experienced recent resurgences. Complement the outfit with simple and modern items like leather sandals and a micro shoulder bag for a perfectly blended vintage appearance. Alternatively, if you choose more vintage-looking sandals and a small baguette bag, the overall look becomes overwhelmingly retro.

4. Remember vintage accessories to enhance your ensemble

When creating a retro outfit, don't overlook the power of accessories. Sometimes, a simple accessory can entirely transform an outfit. Enhance a fashionable oversized blazer or knit cardigan by adding an '80s chunky brooch, infusing the ensemble with captivating vintage vibes. Dig into your mothers' and grandmothers' closets to discover treasures like flashy brooches, shiny earrings, and pearl necklaces to give your look an extraordinary vintage touch.

5. Upcycling breathes new life into vintage pieces

The final rule to elevate a vintage piece from "a little too old-fashioned" to a "vintage treasure" is through upcycling. Say you find a magnificent tweed cardigan with plastic buttons and a slightly cheap finish—simply swap the buttons with ones found at flea markets for a small price. Encounter a beautiful vintage leather bag in an unfavorable color? Dye it to your liking. Found a suede jacket with excessive fringing? Trim it down! Embrace upcycling to revitalize and modernize your vintage finds.

By adhering to these five golden rules, you'll confidently rock ultra-trendy vintage looks, avoiding missteps with style and grace. Happy vintage styling!

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