The "Ugly" Trend: A New Fashion Statement on the Rise?

You might have noticed it, with a mix of curiosity and skepticism, dominating your social media feeds—the "ugly" trend seems to be gaining popularity. From Crocs + socks combos to daring dress and pants ensembles, from rhinestone caps to audacious print clashes, it's enough to leave even the most orthodox fashionistas perplexed.

But beyond its eccentricity, the trend forces us to contemplate our relationship with fashion and the inherent absurdity of the relentless cycle of trends. It also prompts us to consider what our tastes, both good and bad, reveal about our society.

Intrigued? Let's delve into the realm of "ugly" fashion and explore its intersection with Pierre Bourdieu's sociological insights.

Is Ugly in Fashion Inherently Ugly?

First, let's ponder the concept of "ugly" in fashion. What defines ugliness? Is there a universal standard for ugliness?

The answer is a resounding no. Despite fashion dictators ready to condemn fashion faux pas, nothing in the realm of clothing, accessories, or outfits is inherently ugly. Ugliness is subjective, shaped by our cultural background and personal sensibilities.

Ugliness, therefore, is a cultural construct, intertwined with the notions of good and bad taste, which are themselves cultural artifacts rather than innate attributes.

In essence, we unknowingly learn what we consider ugly or in bad taste through our upbringing and cultural exposure.

But Who Decides What's Ugly?

To answer this question, we turn to Pierre Bourdieu, the French sociologist whose work often touches on the subject of fashion. Bourdieu views taste as a key element in the opposition between social classes. "Good taste," socially acceptable, aligns with what the representatives of dominant social classes wear and do. Conversely, what falls into "bad taste" is often associated with the popular or dominated classes.

Taste, then, becomes a marker of belonging. Good taste is seen as innate—an instinctual understanding of what is beautiful or ugly, acceptable or unacceptable.

This dynamic explains why the new wealthy are often ridiculed by old money, who view them as vulgar.

Interestingly, for a garment or accessory to shift from ugly to beautiful, it merely requires the endorsement of the dominant classes. This is precisely what's happening with the current "ugly" trend.

So, Is It Still Ugly? That's Up for Endless Debate!

Trends That Embrace the "Ugly" Aesthetic

In the era of social media, fashion evolves at breakneck speed. New trends—often referred to as "micro-trends"—emerge, thrive, and disappear within weeks. Some of these trends (re)introduce the spotlight on the "ugly" aesthetic, and these are the ones we're interested in.

Think of ketamine chic, weird girl, ugly girl, or christiancore trends. They all share a common theme of creating looks from unconventional pieces.

Each trend has its favorite elements, but they all rely on mixing popular brands like Diesel, Acne Studios, Miu Miu, with what may be considered "ugly" clothes or unconventional combinations.

To grasp this better, take a look at Bella Hadid's Instagram—she's become an iconic figure of the "weird girls." In recent months, her feed has taken a remarkably surprising, even shocking turn for the uninitiated, embodying the essence of the "ugly trend."

Incorporating a Touch of the "Ugly" Trend into Your Style

If you're tempted by the liberating spirit of trends centered around the "ugly" or cheesy aesthetic, we understand your enthusiasm!

However, it's essential to acknowledge that micro-trends like "ugly girls" or ketamine chic may not be the most practical for everyday life—unless you're a fashion influencer, of course. It might be challenging to create outfits based on these elements, and you might not get universal support from your peers or superiors.

Nonetheless, you can draw inspiration from these trends and embrace some of the freedom they breathe into fashion. Consider experimenting with outfits that you genuinely love, even if they challenge traditional fashion norms. Mix prints, incorporate multiple colors, and celebrate your unique style!

Key Takeaways

- "Ugly" is currently a trend in the fashion world.

- Various micro-trends embody the "ugly" aesthetic, especially on social media.

- While adopting the full "ugly" trend might be difficult, drawing inspiration from it can bring a sense of freedom and creativity to your wardrobe.

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