Fashion for Rounders: 5 Hot Party Looks to Adopt After 50

 Without inspiration for your end-of-year looks? Here are some ways to find the right party outfit to flatter your figure from the season's key looks.

The Dress: A Great Classic

They are all there because they are for all body types. Women with generous hips will stand out, without being molded, with a little black dress with three holes. Add a short jacket to structure the silhouette. The most extravagant will opt for a model with games of transparencies, voile balloon sleeves with a Swiss dot print, or even a fully sequined dress for a glamorous effect!

Silver or gold models are also good options, as long as you don't overdo it with flashy accessories. As for the materials, opt for silk, satin, velvet, or lurex. And to finish, think about adding a few touches of shine in the accessories (depending on your dress). Put on some pretty pumps or sandals with rhinestones to gain inches and appear slimmer.

The Pantsuit: A Safe Bet

Whether in black or cream tones, you will be right on trend with this essential basic. Slip a little glitter or sequin top under the jacket or a silk shirt with a spectacular collar - very fashionable this season - to highlight your neckline. The structured jacket will slim your waist and emphasize your shoulders. Petite individuals can easily wear a suit with a preference for 7/8 pants (up to the ankles), accompanied by high-heeled shoes to lengthen the legs. Also, consider the tuxedo, with a silk insert on the sides of the pants, which will elongate your legs and on the lapel of the jacket collar. Straight-leg pants with a marked pleat will be unanimous if you are tall because they fall perfectly with both sequined derbies and heeled pumps. To complete your outfit, accessorize your pantsuit with a long gold necklace, an elegant choker, or statement brooches on your jacket lapel for a striking effect.

Culottes: The Little Novelty

Those with strong thighs will bet this year on culottes, perfect with their flared line. Set your sights on shiny or slightly iridescent culottes to wear with a rather classic white shirt for a chic result without going overboard. On the contrary, you can dare with a very bright or colorful shirt or top over a more sober model of culottes (black, navy, or gray). When it comes to material, plain or corduroy is always a good idea for the holidays, but faux leather or cotton canvas works too. Lastly, if you have a nice neckline, always remember to highlight your assets by wearing a sparkling necklace!

Culottes are a good choice because it is a style that you can easily wear after the holidays, with leather boots with heels and a large soft sweater for a guaranteed seventies look.

Shiny Flared Skirt

For women who have small complexes about their hips and thighs, the flared skirt is perfect. Opt for a pleated model - very fashionable this season - in iridescent or shiny materials, which you can enhance with a belt to structure the silhouette. Add a tight top if the skirt is very flared, which you can slide under a more or less short and fitted jacket - you choose according to your tastes and your size. The ultra-long shiny skirt is also a good choice. Accompanied by a kimono jacket with a belt, it adds style while respecting the proportions. Add flat or heeled boots, and voila!

Jeans: A Possible Basic!

We really don't want to go all out for the holidays. Treat yourself to stylish and practical jeans that you can wear all year long. Combine them with

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