Our fashion tips for dressing when you're plump

 Learn how to highlight your curves with our fashion tips. Being chubby doesn't mean you have to hide in shapeless clothes. With the average size of French women around 44, fashion is finally adapting to curvy women, and femininity is in full swing. Dressing well is not a matter of size, but of taste. So embrace your body without any complexes and adopt the instincts of a true fashion expert.

1. Tip #1: Pay attention to patterns:

Pretty prints can be the biggest challenge to our style. If chosen poorly, they can quickly ruin an outfit that initially seemed elegant and beautiful. Wearing too many patterns can also make you appear larger.

To avoid fashion faux pas, keep the following in mind:

- Opt for stripes that elongate the silhouette.

- Avoid mixing different patterns. For example, don't pair striped pants with a floral top.

- Choose small prints like flowers on loose-fitting fabrics. A great choice would be a flowy tunic with small flower prints or retro patterns.

- For a feminine touch, consider wearing pretty embroideries on a top or around the neckline to highlight this seductive asset.

- Avoid placing prints on areas of your body that you don't feel confident about.

2. Tip #2: Choose well-fitted clothes:

To look beautiful in your clothes, prioritize the right materials and cuts.

Avoid garments with a high percentage of elastane. This clingy material won't enhance your figure. Instead, opt for flowing fabrics, lightweight wools, knits, and cotton that provide a light and feminine touch.

When it comes to cuts, go for styles that are loose, asymmetrical, low-cut, and don't cinch at the waist.

The era of "size 36 or nothing" is over. We've explored options for you and recommend checking out H&M, C&A, La Redoute, or the pages of 3 Suisses. You'll find perfectly tailored clothes and materials that flatter your figure, all at affordable prices.

3. Avoid adding volume:

We love flowy, flared garments with well-executed cuts, and we encourage you to embrace them to play with fashion, conceal any flaws, and enhance your assets. However, remember that it's better not to combine voluminous pieces in the same outfit. This can make you appear larger than you'd like.

For instance, if you choose an asymmetrical waistcoat, our fashion advice is to pair it with a slim, straight dress rather than a ball gown. If you prefer a loose-fitting look, try combining it with a cotton T-shirt, V-neck, and a lightweight cardigan or jacket.

4. Choose the right colors:

Being curvy doesn't mean you have to stick to black, navy blue, and brown. You can wear colors, as long as you choose and combine them wisely. Avoid going for a completely fluorescent or fuchsia pink look, as it may make you appear overly vibrant. However, don't hesitate to embrace bright colors for accessories like a large bracelet, a bag, or costume jewelry to add a lively touch to your outfits.

Experiment with color gradients, such as using darker shades of gray where you feel your curves are most prominent. Lastly, let go of any misconceptions: White isn't exclusively reserved for slender women. It can look chic and feminine on anyone, as long as you avoid an all-white ensemble. Our top choices include white paired with jeans, black and white combinations, or white with navy blue for a timeless classic look.

5. Cheat with shoes:

You don't have to wear stilettos to create the illusion of a slimmer figure. Elevating your height by a few inches can do the trick. Aim for heels measuring

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