Do you have curves and are over 50? Surely, you want to find beautiful summer outfits that are suitable for your body shape and age. Whether it's dresses, tunics, coordinated sets, or evening wear, what are the fashionable outfits for curvy women over 50 to choose from this year? Between style and femininity, here are 6 ideas for summer looks to enhance your wardrobe!

1. The denim dress, fluid and lightweight

The denim dress is a summer essential and a fashion favorite this year. Don't think it's only for younger or slim figures. On the contrary, a plus-size denim dress is perfect for summer.

The most flattering option for your age and figure is a flowing and straight denim dress. It should be of a moderate length, just above the knee, to avoid looking overly casual. A denim shirtdress with a button-down neckline is a great choice. The key is to find the right fit, avoiding excessively loose cuts.

Pair it with sandals, add a trendy hat, and you're ready to rock a summer sundress look.

2. Printed dresses in larger sizes

When it comes to summer, light and colorful dresses are a must!

As you know, there is no age limit for wearing fashionable prints. In fact, they can help modernize your look, as long as you choose appropriate cuts. For plus-size women looking for modern patterns, gingham is a great choice. Animal prints like zebra are also in fashion, given their popularity in our wardrobes. You can find trendy plus-size models on the Bleu Bonheur website. The key rules for wearing prints when you're curvy are to choose a straight or slightly flared cut, opt for the right length (medium length works well), and above all, avoid outfits that are too tight.

3. Flowy blouses and pants

The star of summer looks is the palazzo pants. These flowy pants are ideal for curvy figures and provide great comfort. Opt for lightweight materials such as linen, cotton, or crepe for an elegant and modern look. Pair them with a lightweight plain or printed blouse, and add a fine linen cardigan to elongate your silhouette!

4. Plain light-colored long dress

A long dress is a staple for summer looks, and there are many cuts that work well for curvy figures. Consider a long wrap dress, a dress with ruffles, or a flared dress. We recommend giving priority to the latter. Choose an elegant and natural color such as khaki or cream. Pair it with a trendy bag, a long necklace, and stylish sunglasses. The dress can have a simple cut or be in the style of a long shirt dress, which helps refine your silhouette.

If you don't want to opt for a silhouette-hugging look, go for wedge heels!

5. A yellow ensemble for a radiant glow

Yellow is undoubtedly the color of summer. It's sunny, vibrant, and brings a modern touch to any look. Just make sure to choose a shade of yellow that complements your skin tone. Consider a light yellow draped dress or a solid or patterned yellow top. It will illuminate your features and add a fresh vibe to your outfit.

6. pants with a modern top

The cut of pants is perfect for curvy women. It lengthens and structures the silhouette, especially when paired with heels. If possible, choose pants made of lightweight materials such as light denim or linen. For the top, a simple striped jacket or a basic t-shirt accompanied by a jacket is enough to add style to your look.

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