For several seasons, mules have settled at the end of our pretty little feet. In their flat version, with flanges, or in clog mode, they are everywhere in our summer looks. This season, the trend of wedge mules is what you have to adopt. Retro, chic, and preppy, wedge mules are endlessly available to satisfy every woman who wishes to wear them. Why are these the most fashionable women's shoes for summer 2023? Let's zoom in on the wedge mule!

Wedge mules: summer "it" shoes?

Visually similar to wedge sandals, wedge mules have their own distinctive sign—they are mules! No zip ties to hold them together! They're not clogs, but they may resemble them!

Undoubtedly, they are the most fashionable shoes of the moment, the ones that all fashion lovers will be wearing this year! Featured by fashion designers during fashion shows and already unmissable on celebrities' feet, they have been making headlines for several months now.

Thanks to the Y2K trend, we have seen a comeback of these retro shoes made famous in the 2000s. However, make no mistake, they are now worn in a revised version. Black wedge mules for the more traditional, fuchsia pink or colored wedge mules for the most daring, patterned wedge mules—each one has its own personality to adopt. The important thing is to know how to complement them and with what kind of outfit to wear them according to your style of dress.

What fashionable wedge mules to choose?

Plexiglass wedge mules:

These are the sharpest wedge mules out there. Ultra glamorous and runway-like, they take you on a fashion journey where anything goes! Colored or black, they go well with blazer dresses, evening dresses, or other types of elegant outfits!

Rope wedge mules:

These are the essentials for your holidays, the ultimate comfortable wedge mules! From Santorini to St Tropez, they dress you in a seemingly casual-chic style, perfect for elevating a summer staple. We adopt them with linen shorts or a light floral skater skirt, or with a floral summer dress or a summer midi skirt. They go especially well with floral prints or denim fabrics. They can also be adopted in a rope platform mule version, as shown in the photo below!

Leather wedge mules:

In the leather version, they give a much more elegant style. They are also perfect for creating Y2K looks with daring combinations. We wear them with crop tops, wool pencil skirts, oversized shirts mixed with skinny pants. They offer endless possibilities.

Where to buy affordable wedge mules?

Being the stars of the shoe department this year, you'll have no trouble finding a pair of affordable wedge mules. All stores and multi-brand sites have almost given in to the trend.

Styling tip: To enhance your wedge mules, don't hesitate to add a pretty statement necklace!

Wedge flip flops VS Clog flip flops VS Platform flip flops:

It is true that sometimes it is difficult to clearly differentiate them from each other. However, each one has its own style and personality!

Clogs are more fashionable and can be more difficult to wear if you don't have an eye for this type of footwear. It takes a modicum of taste to know how to modernize them and not look like you've borrowed the gardener's shoes! Platform mules are very trendy and contemporary; they are suitable for all ages and all styles of clothing. As for the wedge mules, they have a vintage spirit that undoubtedly

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